Florida Skeet Association

Thank you for registering online for the 2018 Florida State Skeet Championships, to be held in Palatka, Florida Thursday April 19 thru Sunday April 22, 2018.

Please note: *fields require an answer.

Admin note - Cheryl will be on a mission trip March 9th thru March 17th - if you have questions or problems with the form- send an email to skeet@tuckerbilt.com and I will address them when I return.  I will not have access to email or phone during this time.

If requesting for more than one person - only one person needs to complete the registration form, it  should include all the members of the squad.

If registering a single shooter - please insert your name in the position you prefer to shoot and complete the additional information.

Completion of this form does not insure a space is available - Confirmation with squad times will be emailed.

Please note: 5 person squads shooting 4 guns will be squadded first.  All others will be squadded as space allows.